Monday, April 9, 2012

Loving you

My dearest sweet Tommy,

I miss you more than anything in the world...I know you are watching over me because you have proved it numerous times....You are the love of my life....forever...

Yesterday was so hard...Our daughter, Shaelee, had a rough time but I know you sat with her and caressed her every tear....We love you and that will never end.....

Sometimes I feel that I am not doing enough to help our daughter....I am there for her always and I love her so much....Same goes for Erik.....Let them know to come to me for anything and how much I love them...

My dear friend Beth sent me a prayer request about her grand daughter Emma....Beth said she thought I had a connection to heaven and I told her that I thought so to because I have a special angel watching over me which is you...That is so true....So here is a prayer for Emma and I know you will help me to watch over her....Tell the Creator to please place his hand over her and make her well....

Emma's Prayer

Little one so tired are we
I know that you are meant to be
Your little hands 
Upon Mother Earth
Pleasing your mother with every turn.

Know you are in my prayers
from this day forth
know that the Creator 
loves and protects you 

I pray for you 
my little warrior Emma
to become strong and vibrant
once more

Hang on to the word of our Creator
He loves you more than love itself
Please Creator place your hand 
To bless this child
and make her whole once again....

Her parents love her 
this is true
so spare her the pain
and make this little warrior new.

I hope you like the prayer Beth....It comes from my heart.....

Well my Tommy I know you are with me and I love you forever....

Your loving wife and kids,
Melinda, Shae, & Erik