Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

Thank you Tommy for coming to me in my dreams last night...I prayed to the Creator and then I ask you to come to me in my dreams....YOU DID!!!!!!!!

Our love is forever

It was so clear and it felt so right.....It was you, speaking and loving me like you always did...I felt your hands on me...I felt your breath.....You were telling me how much you loved me and I did the same....I feel in my heart that this is just one of many visits....I know you will come to me often and it will get stronger everyday.....

Our sunset
Our love is like no other...I know that.....But my heart cannot explain how happy it is.....You came to me and that helps me more than anything......I love you forever and my heart is yours.....

The kids love you and miss you but they know you are here....Shae says it all the time....
Here is something from us to you my babes:

I love you Tommy forever

It will never get any easier for us but we take comfort in knowing you are here....We love you forever...

Your wife and kids,
Linda, Shae, & Erik