Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12, 2011

The sun is rising in Arizona. I know you loved the rising sun and the sunsets in Arizona so here is a picture that I took with you on that night drive when we were just out taking some time alone. I am so thankful that we need this often, just you and me. I know you sit with me and will guide be. Thank you for all you have taught me and I know we will share our lives again.

They say that times eases the pain, but I can tell you right now, my pain will never cease.

I want everybody to see the inflowing of sympathy cards we are receiving. All my friends are just amazing. Thank you all the cards are helping my daughter and son to heal.

*Look at the white circle over the heart, unknown but its special to me*

Just wanted to let everybody know that I am getting a Christmas Short Story published and it was dear to my husband. He loved the story and it is titled, "Journey to Christmas Creek." It will be available for Christmas. I will keep you updated on it.

I would like to thank Wayne and Anita, my brother and sister in law for coming to Arizona to help us deal with losing Tommy. I know Tommy is happy knowing his brother came to see him one last time. Oh how it helped the kids. Thank you Anita for the beautiful prayer shawl you crocheted for us. As you can see it is holding Tommy's picture with all the cards we have received and it will be where his urn will site. We treasure it.

Wayne and Anita

Well my dear sweet Tommy, my love for you is growing and will never cease. You are with your dad and the Creator now and I know that you await for us. You are our life and will forever be.

Tommy at Oak Flats: He loved it here

Your loving family,

Linda, Shaelee, Erik, & Feather


Anita said...

You are more than welcome sis. Thank YOU for welcoming us into your home and for your hospitality. I wish we could have stayed longer. You guys all really helped Wayne too. We love you all so much.

Warm hugs,

Tommy/Melinda said...


Thank you so much....We are blessed to have you in our life...You guys are all we have left...We love you too

Warm hugs,
Melinda, Shaelee, and Erik