Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23, 2011

Tommy we are still in disbelief....Shae is having a hard time....I am getting her to talk and tell me her fears....She misses you more than anything in the world but we all do.....People say  that it will get easier but just as me and your daughter talked and we know that is not true....We were close as a family and the pain will never go away....

Arizona Sunset for Tommy

Our son went out hiking just so he could take some pictures of sunsets for you.....There are times we feel we cannot go on then we know you are there pushing us....Between the help of you and the Creator we know we are stronger but we miss you all the same....

Arizona: Hiking Trail

People can be mean but we have learned they are the ones with the problem and we ignore them....Still the pain will never cease....We know that you are here and that you see and hear all things....We ask for your guidance in everything we do....The Creator needed you and we understand that but the pain and feeling of loss and empty remain.....

Beautiful sunset

I try to be strong for the kids but sometimes I lose it too....I feel your presence everywhere I go and in everything I do....That is what gives me the strength to carry on.....I cry for you and the kids cry for you....Just know you will travel every road and every path that we encounter....


Please I pray for the Creator and you my precious Tommy to show me and guide me in the direction I need to go.....Show me the path on this journey so I can make the right decisions...Protect us and bound us with love and comfort.....In everything we do we will give our all to the Creator and we pray that our love will only grow stronger for all people.....We love you Creator and we love Tommy....Amen

Beautiful Sunset
One special prayer was given today by a friend on Facebook...It is beautiful and breathtaking...Thank you my friend.....
God never makes a mistake'He lulled me to sleep and I could not awake-He took me away from toil and strife-To fulfill His promise of a better life-God is a good God all the time-He pacified my troubled mind-When He ended my earthly lease-He directed me to Heaven to rest in peace-God sent an angel to lead the way-To preclude the possibility of me going astray-I gave God praises and was not ashamed-To magnify His holy name-I followed God's footprints in the sand-Suddenly He reached back and grabbed my hand-He said "Have faith my child you have won the race-Having faith paid off,your in a better place-Where there are no more heartaches,pain or stress....My faithful servant,come and take your rest " ............may he rest in peace and God bless you and the children
The beauty of Mother Nature

Love your wife and kids,

Linda, Shae, & Erik