Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20, 2011

As the sun starts to rise upon Mother Earth, I know you are here with us and watching the beauty the Creator sends to us...I know you are with us each and every day...every moment...every obstacle.....

Arizona Sunrise

Here is a poem that Erik wrote for you...It is from him and Shae.....

In your memory
As I stand here I hurt                                                       
Sun setting low I am lost
I feel no more comfort
Since the day you crossed

As the wind calmly blows
How I wish together we could stand
As you guide me through this world's woes
But now you no longer walk this land

As I look towards the many skies
Your face in the heavens I see
With wings and free as the eagle flies
And majestic as the beautiful tree

As darkness settles I cry adieu (goodbye)
So proud I am that you are my dad
Always know I miss you and I love you
And help me not be so sad

I love you always Dad,
Your Son & daughter,
Erik & Shaelee
As you can see it comes from the heart....But everything you taught us came from the heart...You are a man of love and respect...A man that loved the Creator and believed in him....I know that you are in heaven and you await our arrival.....Just know we love you and miss you so very much....
You know that on your birthday I always got you a single rose, it stood for our love as one...The single rose I got you this year sits by your Urn but here is another to represent our love forever....
One single rose for my love we are one 
Also, my publisher, Dancing with Bear, Marie Marler, is publishing the Christmas Story you loved so much and it is dedicated to you my love....The cover takes my breath away because you are in the clouds looking down and  I know that you are protecting us still...With all our love....
Dedicated to you for you so loved the story
Your wife and kids,
Linda, Shaelee, & Erik