Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Well today we had to say our final good byes to a man that was the best at being the perfect husband and father. He left us with a strong will and he will be our focal point forever. He really looked good today or as my daughter put it, "He looks like he is asleep."

I know that it will always be difficult for us but we will walk the path that has been laid out and we know our journey will lead us to him again.

As we were leaving, we got in the car, and my sweet daughter said, "I feel dad, he is with us." I immediately knew that she was on the right path for he will always be with us.

I was very proud of our son, Erik. He stood with his sister and helped her through this horrible ordeal.

Thank you Creator for all  the gifts you have given me. My husband, my son, and my daughter. Please let us all reunite when we go to the spirit world. Amen

Love always,
Linda, Shaelee, Erik, & Feather