Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011

Another day dawns without your loving face.....My friend and co-worker Judy, bless her heart Tommy, wanted to take me and kids to Roosevelt Lake yesterday....I know it was your favorite place.....We went and I felt your presence...It was a feeling I will never forget.....There were times I would cry.....

Roosevelt Lake in AZ

The kids loved it....Shaelee could not believe what she was seeing....I thought of you the whole time because I know that we had planned on going there and taking Shae....You wanted to show her the world....Finally she had a smile on her face when we talked about us being there so many years ago.....It was heart wrenching to see her smile and it was like looking at you.....

Shaelee at Roosevelt Lake

Tommy We love you

Erik at Roosevelt Lake

Melinda at Roosevelt Lake

I know that you are with us and so you know of all the attacks falling upon me by our so called family members....I am holding strong and fighting each and every one of them.....Sometimes it makes me sick to see them attack us just because you are not here....They were afraid to while you were alive....Now what does that say about such people...Do not worry I will fight tooth and nail against them.....I know that all my  life this happened to me until you entered my life...but it all ceased when you were here...They all knew better...but like you and your daughter would say.. "They can build a bridge, and get over it"

Here is the bridge for them

Anyway, I wanted to share today some of the pictures from Roosevelt Lake...It is in your honor and we love you forever....

Roosevelt Lake AZ

Your wife and kids,
Linda, Shae, & Erik