Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2011

Our sunset Tommy

January 21, 2012

My dearest sweet Tommy,

Well the kids loved the movie last night, Underworld......Shae was so happy to get to go to it....First time going to the movies here in Payson and she loved it.....
A flower for our love!!!!

Today is Justin's birthday and all his family and friends are missing him....I am sure you and him are having a birthday party in heaven for him.....I miss him too....He was my friend....I so enjoyed helping him with the toy drive for the Apache Reservation.....It was hard when he got killed.....But I know you know that.......
My friend Justin:  Miss you but know you are in heaven

My soul mate:  I love you and know you are in heaven looking down on me!!!!

Then I lost you......It has been the most difficult time for me and the kids.....I am having heart problems.....I miss you so very much....You are my life....Just as the kids are....
Picture from Mother Alice: Breathtaking!!!!

I pray to the Creator to watch over us and show us the path to walk......I need his hand to sweep over my body and heal me....I know he will give the doctors the knowledge to help me...With you by my side I will be okay....
Picture from Mother Alice

I love you my babes forever and ever....
Picture from Mother Alice:  Spellbinding

Your loving wife and kids,
Melinda, Shae, & Erik