Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

Sunset for my Tommy

My dearest sweet Tommy,

Life has been hard on me for awhile now....I hope it stops and gets a little easier....I feel so lost and confused some times.....I feel alone a lot....If life could go back to the way it was....I would be so happy....
Our sunsets

I dream of you and think I will wake to your loving face.....To hear your voice once again would make my day.....I know we will be together for eternity someday.... In the wait for me and that is okay because I have to take care of Shae for awhile for us....
Our sunsets

Here is a poem for my love.......
I love you more 
than words can say
If only we had more time to share
our love and laughter 
then it would be fair 
Life can be so hard 
but with you
by my side
I can strive to life
and make you proud
Just remember my love 
will never die
I love you more 
Until the end of time
Our sunsets

Well my babes, I am going to go for now....I love you dearly and forever....
Our sunsets

Your loving wife and kids,
Melinda, Shae, & Erik