Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

My family

My dearest sweet Tommy,

I had another bad night last night....My heart was racing and my blood pressure was high....I could not go to sleep....Finally I did around 1:30.....I just pray this will stop.....
Photo by Mother Alice

I have no clue what to do when this happens....Everybody says to calm down but how in the world can somebody calm down when their heart is racing over 100 beats per minute.....I don't get it....
Photo by Mother Alice

My dear Mother Alice is in the hospital.....I pray for her speedy recovery...She is like a mother to me....Precious as can be....
Mother Alice

The kids are going to see Underworld tomorrow night...Shae cannot wait to see it....It will be her first time going to the movies here....She is so excited....
Photo by Mother Alice

Shae has been giving an opportunity that might turn into a singing career.....That is all I can say for now but she is very excited.....She loves her music and singing......
Photo by Mother Alice

Well my babes I am going to go for now....Please walk with me today and let me have a good day without any heart racing events.....
Photo by Mother Alice

Your loving wife and kids,
Melinda, Shae, & Erik