Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My dear precious husband Tommy,

Life is so strange. How can people who are your family not even bother to call. They say they love you but they don't call. They say they were told not to cause of this or that. Its all a bunch of crap. People should realize that others are lying just to keep them away.

The kids will not forget it. They don't understand. They never will and they will not forgive either. How some people keep the ones they love away from them due to jealousy or whatever crazy thing they have in their head. 

I hope the family member who is doing this reads this post. You know who you are. You should be ashamed. My kids are great kids and to keep the one person who could have help them through what they are dealing with in losing their dad there are no words. 

Its okay truth will prevail and when it does the one who is doing this will have a hard fall.

I know my Tommy is hurt from all of this. Our kids are such good kids and should never be done this way. I know Tommy is here with us and that is really all that matters.

I love you my precious husband...Forever....

Your loving wife and kids,
Melinda, Shae, & Erik