Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25, 2011: Christmas Day

My dearest sweet Tommy,

Merry Christmas in heaven my babes...We miss you in the physical form and we love you more than anything in the world...But we know you are here with us....

Our precious family

This morning I know the kids are going to have a hard time just like I am so here is some poems that came to me and I know they are from you my sweet Tommy....A message for the kids.. I am sharing it here today for them to read and know you love them and miss them as much as we miss you....
Shaelee: Daddy's little girl

To Shaelee from Dad: Christmas 2011

Daddy's girl Shae,
 I knew it from the moment you were born
 How thankful I was to be blessed with such a special gift
 Remember all the good times
 no matter how painful it may seem
 But know you are always daddy's special gift
 When you feel down 
 Just whisper to your dad
 Because I am always by your side
 trying to lift your hand
 I'm never far away 
 Never must you fret
 because when the Creator gave me you 
 I knew I had truly been blessed
 You are daddy's little girl
 And I love you so much
 I treasured all the moments that we shared
 that time can never touch
 But please know I love daddy's "boo"
 and you are a treasure sealed in my heart
 So, daddy's little girl
 never feel alone
 Cause I am never far from your heart
 No matter how you feel
 Always remember I love you
 And you will always be daddy's little girl
 Never forget you are dad's daughter and 
 I love you with all my heart

Your dad....
Shaelee and her dad when she was nearly 1

Shaelee and her dad

To Erik from Dad: Christmas 2011

My son, Erik,

 I feel the pain in your heart
 Dwelling everyday 
 Know I am just a whisper away
 Never far from your heart
 If you ever need me
 Just say the word 
 Please be strong and I know you can be
 To help watch over your mother and sister
 They need you now more than ever
  But I have faith in you to carry on for me
  I am proud of you please remember that
  Never forget you are dad's son and I love you 
  with all my heart

Your dad...
Erik and his dad

Now I must share with the kids the message from dad to me...

Tommy and me forever

Christmas 2011

My dear Linda,

 Our love will always be
 remember me with the breeze
 when you feel down
 know I feel it too
 Our love was like no other
 A special bond 
 That no other can shudder
 When you need me 
 Just whisper my name
 I stand around feeling your pain
 and oh my babes its so hard
 I miss you too
 but we are never apart
 I know you want me there with you
 and know I wanted the same
 but my shell could not sustain me no longer
 So now I am in heaven, free from pain
 Please remember the Creator knows best
 Please know I love you and I am just a whisper away
 We will be a family for eternity....someday
  I love you forever, my Linda

your forever husband...Tommy

My precious Tommy

Now I feel I had to share what came to me.....It is a very special message for us as a family...

I would like to say Happy birthday to the Creator.....and Merry Christmas to all

This is Feather....She was Tommy's pride and joy...They were the best of friends...she misses him too..
Our cat Feather: Tommy adored her
I would also like to share a message from Tommy to his mom....

I love you always....Everything is fine.....I am with dad but missing you all....Your son Tommy....

Tommy's mom, Frieda

Tommy, I love you more than anything in the world...You are the best man I have ever known and that will never change....You are my husband forever...Nothing will change that... You are the love of my life......
Merry Christmas to all

Your loving wife and kids,
Linda, Shae, & Erik