Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011

My dearest precious Tommy,

Well today your mom is suppose to come by...Shaelee is very excited that she is coming...I want her to know her grandmother....She has never really had one......

Erik's Hike

I met a dear sweet woman and she is Navajo....Her name is Alice Benally and I think the world of her.....She is like a mother to me....Here is some beautiful pictures she took and gave permission to me to post them here for you.....I know you will love them.....
Our sunset

Here is a picture of Alice....She is so beautiful....


It is suppose to snow this coming week....It is so pretty when it does...Of course, I am scared to drive in it but you know that....I always depended on you to take me wherever I needed to go.....I am learning and I know you are with me....
Erik's Hike

The pain of losing you is so hard....It dwells in my heart.....forever...I speak your name all the time.....No matter who I am talking with I speak your name.....

Oh, I have to tell you but I have been invited to read an excerpt from "Journey to Christmas Creek" on a radio show in Canada....I know you are excited over that....Here is the info:  

Author Melinda Elmore will be a special guest on the BTW! Christmas Special to read an excerpt from her book Journey to Christmas. It is a special, heartfelt story on many levels as it was one that her husband Tommy - who suddenly died this past October, used to tell their children.

As this is the first Christmas without her beloved Tommy, we are so honoured that Melinda will be joining us to share our Christmas with you, and this wonderful story.
I know you are so pleased with that I am doing good with my writing....You were and still are my inspiration......I love you my babes.....Forever......
Erik's Hike

Your loving wife and kids,
Melinda, Shae, & Erik