Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011

Tomorrow will be a month since you have passed over into the spirit world.....It does not get easier, it gets harder....Tommy, our precious daughter wrote a definition essay and she wrote it to you......So today's post is very special....I am posting the note she wrote to you....It is so beautiful.....

Shaelee:  Daddy's Girl

The love of our life

 My definition of a dad

          A dad is always protective, supportive, and loving. My dad was this way toward me. My dad passed away October 4 unexpectedly and it has been devastating for my family. I miss him but he filled the shoes of being the best dad in the world by providing the protection, support, and love only a daughter needs. 

        My dad was protective of me. He would have given his own life to protect mine. He quit work when I was born to make sure I would never be harmed. Now that is a good dad, the best. He put me before his own needs.

        No matter what, my dad supported me in everything I have ever wanted to do, even if he did not approve of it. He would explain the reasons he did not approve but left the final decision up to me. I understand why he done this. He wanted me to make my own decisions and pay the price if it was the wrong one. He taught me a lot and I am stronger for it, but even if I made the wrong decision, he would be there with his hand held out to me. 

        The love my dad showed me was unconditional love. No matter what, my dad loved me. I was and still am, "daddy's girl." He showed me what true and unconditional love means. I will never ever forget how he loved me and my family. He was the best dad you could have. 

        I miss my dad and that will never change. I love him more than anything. I know he is with the Creator and waits for me, my mom, and my brother to one day join him but until then I will hold all the protection, support, and love that he provided me inside my heart. We love you dad, forever.

                                                                                                                          Your loving daughter,

Daddy's Girl

I cried as I read this....It is so beautiful.....We love you Tommy forever and always....Here is our sunset....

Our Sunset
Your loving wife and kids,
Linda, Shaelee, & Erik